You have a story to tell, or something you yearn to say.

. . . Yet laying down language in clear, sensible nouns and verbs can be hard, frustrating. It may unearth emotions that leave you feeling raw, vulnerable, exposed. This can lead to apprehensions, mental blocks or feeling alone in the process.

I feel your struggle, and I’m here for you. Think of it as having an artistic hand to hold and emotional support as you clarify your message.

Because I’ve had the benefit of working across a kaleidoscope of writing styles, genres and platforms, I’m able to offer a highly personalized approach based on your writing and publishing goals. Nothing I do is cookie-cutter, because you and your project are not.

Sprinkled throughout all of my skill sets is another dose of magic: As a trained intuitionist, my connection to Creator and creation energy is finely attuned. I glean your essence as an author and humbly open to divine inspiration on behalf of your project. The guidance is very specific to you and can elevate your project in delightfully unexpected ways.

Meet the Muse

Gina Mazza - Creative Muse and Writing Mentor
Gina Mazza

Gina Mazza

Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

What wondrous expressions could you accomplish if you had a trusted muse to ignite your creative spark, and deftly mentor you through every aspect of writing, editing, publishing?

Everything I’ve achieved in 30+ years as a writer, author, journalist, book editor, publishing consultant, talent/acquisitions editor, and communications and marketing pro is in support of YOUR writing and publishing dreams. I’ve helped my clients go onto secure literary agents, land book/film deals, build successful brands and enjoy exciting freelance careers.

At the core of it all is a passion for story. Storytelling is ingrained in our DNA. Through it, we comprehend the full spectrum of life’s meaning, be it beatific or tragic. Language has the latitude to collapse the space between us, and our collective narrative can change the trajectory of our humanity. Your voice has a sacred role in that. I’m honored to help you speak it.

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How Can I Help?

Here are the three main casks through which you may join with me to incite and effervesce your creative elixir into a book or various other written forms:


Get intimate with your inner urge to blossom creatively. Let me help you unblock, imagine, unfurl and clarify your words into forms and forums that accurately reflect who you are and what you wish to share with others.


This middle cauldron is all about structure, story architecture, pure articulation of your central themes and flow of the narrative. It covers anything from premise conception and evaluation of your work through to revisions and final editing.


It’s time to share the word and broadcast your message. Where and how should you publish your work? What happens once you’ve obtained author status? This piece addresses everything about the business of book production, promotion and authordom.

Ready to put Pen to Paper?

Let’s jump on a call to talk about what you need, be it singular or comprehensive. I suggest a meet-and-greet to begin so I can get to know you personally and hear you directly speak about your project. I gain a lot from this discussion, intellectually and intuitively. We will touch on many potentials for your project’s emergence and eventual publication.

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Gina Mazza


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