Media Interviews

It's an honor and privilege just to be in conversation with brilliant minds and big hearts.

Here's a smattering of incisive discourses I've had with media folks and colleagues via radio, TV, podcasts and video interviews.
Gina Mazza

Reviving the Global Heart

with international conflict resolution facilitator Joe Weston. ⭐️ Gina is the guest speaker for this weekly practice intended to weave a golden

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Gina Mazza

All That Jazz

with host Matjaž Kulovic of Slovenia. ⭐️ This interview was SO much fun. We bantered about life as an intuitionist (how do

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Gina Mazza

Writing as Medicine

Using Intuitive Journaling as a Tool for Navigating Covid-19 Times. ⭐️ Discover how having a practice of intuitive journaling and can help

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Diffuse & Distribute | Gina Mazza
Gina Mazza

Get Your Book Published

Step-by-Step Tips for Publishing in Today’s Brave New Multimedia World ⭐️ Gina is interviewed by Beth Caldwell, founder of Pittsburgh Professional Women.

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⭐️ Unsung Heroes Live with host Kristie Knights

Listen in as Gina speaks candidly about life’s journey, from highs to lows, knowing yourself and viewing all experiences neutrally as part of your personal evolution, and so much more. Have a listen and feel the love!

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⭐️ Live in Your Truth Radio with host Melanie Fitzpatrick

Gina speaks about creativity, higher consciousness, soul-centric enterprises, essence work, purpose vs. mission, storytelling and mythology, evolutionary pathways, the fourth wave of capitalism, and more.

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UP Convergence Literary Hour with host Reina-Shay Broussard.

Join Gina and Reina-Shay as they discuss “Poetry as a Transformative Antidote for Our Times.” Gina discusses truth through poetic expression and shares excerpts from her recent poetic works titled “Signs of These Times.” Also sponsored by Peace Weekend, Caravan of Unity, SINE Network and Light-Partners.

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⭐️ Astrology Unplugged with Rick DiClemente

Gina and friends discuss the visionary, UN-sanctioned model community in northern Italy called the Federation of Damanhur, home of the Temples of Humankind (the “eighth wonder of the world”).

Bucket List Conversations with host Coach Freddie

Coach Freddie chats with Gina about her love of dance, her life’s work as a writer, and why she decided to “go global.”

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Living at YES with host Sharon Marquet

Gina is interviewed about her writings, and life as a conscious evolutionist and creative being.

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Reactions to Gina’s
On-air | Online Appearances:

Gina Mazza
“Thank you for being on Impact today. Your book is incredible! Simple, yet so profound! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and grace.”
—Darieth Chisolm
news anchor for WPXI Channel 11 (NBC)
I heard you speak on New Dimensions Radio and it catalyzed my next step. Your book is my mentor! As I “live between miracles” and feel like my spirit is being torn to shreds, your words are showing me the way through.
—Carrie Tarran
Los Angeles, CA
I loved our interview, Gina. You were so candid and filled with integrity and it showed.
—Bonnie Coleen
Host of "Seeing Beyond," Personal Growth Talk Radio, KEST 1450 AM, San Francisco, CA
You were a marvelous guest! Thank you for a wonderfully articulated and inspiring interview.
—Kathe Gogolewski
Radio Host

Radio & Television

⭐️ New Dimensions Radio/Media Live From Ukiah, CA with host Justine Toms.

This show features luminaries like Joseph Campbell, H. H. the Dalai Lama, Robert Bly, Maya Angelou, Buckminster Fuller, and the late J. Krishnamurti. Listen in as Gina and Justine dive deep into:
Living Our Higher Story on or iTunes.

⭐️ KDKA-AM 1020 (Pittsburgh, PA): guest on Amplify with host Father Ron Lengwin

⭐️ KDKA-AM 1020 (Pittsburgh, PA): guest on The Life Lounge with host Carol Lee Espy

KKNW-AM 1150 (Seattle, WA) and KYCY-AM (San Francisco): guest on Conscious Talk Radio hosted by Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears
Conscious Talk – Radio that Makes a Difference – Guest Information …

KEST 1450-AM (San Francisco, CA): guest on Seeing Beyond with host Bonnie Coleen

⭐️ WPXI-TV Channel 11 (NBC): guest on Impact with Darieth Chisolm [mp4 link]

PCTV-21 (Cable): guest on The Cosmos Chronicles with host Richard Dillon

⭐️WSHH-FM 99.7 (Pittsburgh, PA): guest on Pittsburgh Focus with host Hank Baughman

Voice America: guest on Positive Living Radio with  host Patricia Raskin
 Listen Now (scroll down to 11/03/08 show titled “Women Finding Balance and Creativity”

Voice America: guest on The Love Doctor radio hosted by nationally funded research scientist Terri Orbuch, PhD 
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World Puja Network (Ashland, OR): guest on Power of Life show with host Maureen Moss

Point of Life Radio (Ft. Lauderdale, FL): guest on show hosted by Michael Levy
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The Mother Daughter Club: guest on radio show hosted by Kathe Gogolewski Click this link.

Coaching Commons: guest on Book It! Words for the Soul, an Uncommon Conversation with host Lynn Kindler

⭐️Stay Spiritual syndicated radio show with host Hank Baughman

Gina discusses accessing the informed universe, having transcendent experiences, gaining greater wisdom and understanding the next iteration of human evolution.

Seeing Beyond (San Francisco, CA) radio show with host Bonnie Colleen

Mystic Pop Radio hosted by Michael Conner, archived under “July 9”
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The Law of Attraction radio show co-hosted by Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory

Lifestyle Talk Radio, hosted by Michael Dresser archived under “June 26 guests”

Positively Pittsburgh Live: guest on Pittsburgh Authors Panel Discussion with host Joanne Quinn-Smith
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Other Media

Pittsburgh Better Times feature story, ”Pittsburgh Author’s Book Inspires and Empowers Others to Find Their “New Normal”

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Pittsburgh Writer’s Project, check out an intriguing Q&A with Gina in Winter’s Edge Issue 3, Vol. 1, page 13.

Wholy Shift! Host Tone Floreal interviews Gina about her own personal awakening, her book, the historical transitions of the Steel City and her perspective on the 2012 shift.  

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