From Book Draft to Author Status

Understatement: The publishing industry has changed dramatically since the late 20th Century. Back then, a handful of big houses were essentially gatekeepers making decisions on what book buyers could read. Digital printing and the internet have democratized publishing so that authors now have a variety of choices about how to produce their work.

With these innovations has come a lot of confusion, along with guised experts capitalizing on the market by hawking “guaranteed” paths to “bestseller status.” Honestly, it takes someone impartial and well-rounded in all aspects of writing and publishing to help you make an informed decision about your project.

One of the first things we’ll chat about, should we work together, is your long-game goal as an author. This will set the trajectory for the development of your manuscript and how you decide to publish.

We will talk through the pros and cons of the traditional, self and hybrid publishing models. Based on the route you choose, I’ll escort you through that process for your book’s highest outcome.

Publishing Options

Traditional Publishing

If you wish to seek a traditional book deal, I can help you:
  • Negotiate your contract / royalties
  • Structure your author agreement
  • Ready your work for submission
  • Secure a literary agent (and determine if you need one)
  • Find the right publisher for your project
  • Research and write your book proposal
  • Craft a stellar query / pitch letter
  • Nail your best title and subtitle
  • Understand foreign (and all other) rights
  • Clue you in on copyright and trademark law
  • Generally ensure your project is ready for prime time


If you decide to self-publish, I can instruct you through book production, including:
  • Determining the best publishing platform
  • Cover design
  • Interior layout
  • Graphics and illustrations
  • Back cover copy
  • Online book synopsis/description
  • Author bio
  • Acquisition of ISBN
  • Trade paper vs. e-book vs. Kindle version
  • Print on demand vs. offset printing
  • Uploading all book files to online platform or printer

Hybrid Publishing

A true hybrid publisher maintains the highest industry and ethical standards and produces books that are on par with traditional houses. The author, however, bears some or all of the production-related costs. I am happy to share my knowledge about this form of publishing and help you determine if it’s right for you.

What happens to your book once it’s a book?


Deciding HOW to publish seems like a lot of know and decide, right? Well, there’s more.

The real work begins once your book is published. For more on that, read below about my Author Support Services.

The Words of Gina's Clients

Publishing is a Very Large Word

—Joyce Carol Oates—
Gina Mazza

Author Support

There is much more to publishing than printing the book. It’s a sales force, distribution machine, and developing relationships with booksellers, book buyers and readers. It’s finding inventive ways to make your book pop amongst the millions of new titles published every year.

My author support services are geared towards helping you do something with your excellent prose once it’s published. I draw on my entire cache of skills and instincts in advertising, branding, PR, product positioning, event planning, online presence, marketing collateral production and more. The result? How your writings are shared with the world will be highly personalized to you and your goals.

Among all the other things related to that very large word “publishing,” my deep experience in book promotion can serve you in these ways:

  • How to define yourself as an author
  • How to position your book
  • Proper avenues for promoting your work
  • Building your author platform
  • Garnering endorsements
  • Media training and coaching
  • Assembling a media kit
  • Social media strategy
  • PR and publicist services
  • Book website
  • Book reel / videos
  • Posters / book marks / mailers
  • Other marketing budget considerations

To help you overcome the challenge of obscurity as a new author or expand your platform even more as a seasoned author, I work with a distinguished circle of highly-vetted pros who specialize in aspects of the above—publicists, media trainers, tech gurus, social strategists, etc. Again, the team we assemble to support you will be customized based on your goals and budget.

Client Book Projects

Take a stroll through some of my favorite book projects.