Public SpeakING & Events

Often, the most apt way to convey a message is through the spoken word, or at a live event. I do both, as appropos.

Public speaking starts with having something consequential to say, or else I’m not getting out of bed for it. My style is passionate, tending towards depth, with tinges of humor and sarcasm.

Between my blend of dance training, media roles, journalistic reportage and Toastmasters certification, I keep things  informative, concise and lively.

The goal: You learn something. Have fun doing it. Are transformed in some essential way.

I’m available for:

  • Keynotes
  • Workshops and retreats
  • Online podcasts and telesummits
  • Panel moderation and interviews / Q&As
  • Book / other discussion groups
  • Conversation salons

An assortment of keynote appearances:

Gina Mazza
  • Agape Church of Los Angeles
  • Book Expo of America (Los Angeles and Washington, DC)
  • Barnes and Noble Booksellers
  • Borders Books and Music
  • BizChicks Corporate Lunch and Learn Series
  • Building the New World International Conference (The Oracle Institute)
  • Byzantine Catholic Women’s Retreat and Conference
  • Chatham University Women of the World (WOW) Conference
  • East West Books (Manhattan)
  • Executive Women’s Council
  • Inspired Women’s Conference
  • Hope Grows, Annual Victorian Tea for Caregivers
  • Joseph-Beth Booksellers
  • Journeys of Life Bookstore
  • Magee Womens-Hospital (UMPC) Women’s Cancer Survivors’ Day Celebration
  • Medica Healing Arts Center
  • Mesa Creative Arts Center
  • Mystery Lover’s Bookshop
  • The Author’s Zone Book Awards and Writer’s Conference
  • The Book Place
  • The Open Mind Bookstore
  • Pennsylvania Governor’s Conference for Women
  • Pittsburgh Women and Family Expo
  • Progressive Pittsburgh Community Bridge-Building Conference
  • Pennwriter’s Conference
  • The Rivers Club
  • South Hills Country Club
  • UP Convergence Global Summit Literary Hour
  • Women’s Small Business Association Annual Conference
  • Women Etcetera! Expo
  • Women’s Leadership Forum
  • Women Read, Women Write Conference
  • Yes You CAN Write a Book Conference

Let's Talk About YOUR Talk

Ways to book me

(for a talk, not throw a book at me):

I’m absolutely willing to travel and speak with your group or organization about topics related to the art, craft and business of writing; traditional and self-publishing; creativity, intuition and consciousness; or the myriad provocative topics within my published works. Or, we can create a special program together, expressly for your audience.

What can I say? Here are a few ideas related to writing:

  • Story as Medicine: Heal Thyself Through Writing
  • Publish, Don’t Perish! Writing for Publication
  • Edit is NOT a Four-Letter Word: How to Love the Revision Process
  • Wake Up and Write! Becoming a Conscious Writer
  • Embracing Paradox: Navigating Life’s Crucial Transitions
  • Intuitive Writing: Connecting to Source
  • Poetry as a Transformative Antidote for Our Times
  • Best Dream Job Ever! Working as a Successful Independent Writer
  • Creating a Sacred, Juicy Workspace: Tips From the Muse’s Lair for Inspiring Your Writing

Feedback from Gina’s talks:

life is our dictionary

Gina Mazza
Writer Retreats & Sacred Journeys


When I feel moved to do so, I host private retreats that present in-depth information about some aspect of storytelling and the creative process—whether it’s the art, craft, business, practice or emotional and psychospiritual aspect of writing.

My events typically consist of equal parts creative spark and writing/publishing industry smarts—and for good measure, a loving kick in the tuchis. You’ll leave with a solid direction for your project and the enthusiasm to begin pronto.



This recent 3-day immersive retreat was an intensive, bliss-packed weekend that fused sound/frequency healing, therapeutic and conscious dance, Shamanic Reiki, intuitive writing/journaling, nature hiking, meditation, music, ceremony, singing, silence, art and sisterhood.

Gina Mazza



Details coming soon!

What attendees have to say:

Gina’s retreat helped find a part of myself that I never seriously thought existed.
I signed up for Gina’s class, thinking “What more could there be to learn?” Well . . . Validation. New ideas. New techniques. Finding out you are not alone. And so, so much more.
While Gina’s retreat was profoundly helpful to my writing career, the greatest delight of it all was Gina herself. I'm so impressed by her ability to engage a diverse group of individuals, adapt her presentation to their needs and interests, and leave everyone with some pearl of information or inspiration.