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Aside from my passion for nurturing other writers, here's what I've been up to career-wise for the past 35 years, in standard CV format, for all ye purists out there.

Gina has worked and played with words on a professional basis for nearly four decades. 


She is the author of four books in the personal growth category, including Everything Matters, Nothing Matters (St. Lynn’s Press), which was praised in Publisher’s Weekly. Her newest release, Essential Astonishments: Poetic Reflections for Awakening, answers the soul’s longing to speak with intimacy about the bliss and bewilderment of the human experience. Gina’s original poetry has been published and recited in a wide variety of media. Check out her books HERE


As an internationally published journalist, Gina’s byline can be spotted in media outlets as a features correspondent, contributing writer or on the masthead. Her pieces focus on—but are not limited to—topics such as health and wellness, consciousness research, quantum physics, integrative medicine, sustainability, personal transformation, the natural world, and humanity’s emerging future potential.


Gina has profiled a diversity of thought leaders—physicians, PhDs, research scientists, theologians, politicians, mythologists, conscious evolutionists, CEOs, pro athletes, change agents, best-selling authors and a few celebs. Her magazine features have appeared in an eclectic array of media: Yoga Journal, Body & Soul, Ballet-Dance, Catholic News Service, Writer’s Journal, Religion News, Consumer Health Journal, Gaiam, Healthy Living Today, Pittsburgh Magazine, Florida State Times and Faith & Family, to name a few. Many of her news articles have been picked up by global news wires such as UPI. Read some of her published clips here.


One of Gina’s core passions—in her work and in general—is dissecting life’s mysteries to expose its grandeur. Her inward path has led her around the world, exploring and working within intentional and eco-communities, sacred sites and creative incubators with others in the realms of quantum storytelling, spirituality, film, the healing arts and ancient wisdom traditions.


Gina tempers her esoteric and wildly expressive side with a solid background in business and entrepreneurship. She founded and ran a successful marketing consulting practice for eight years before transitioning to full-time writer in 1998, and has run her own writing company ever since.


In 2003, drawing on her professional experience in event production, she conceptualized and co-founded Epiphany Works, LLC, an “inspired events” planning company that offered unique public edu-tainment and forums of inquiry to celebrate and integrate world cultures and wisdom traditions. EW’s gatherings (held through 2015) awakened a sense of radical amazement at the miracle of life and beauty of community. Its popular signature gig was RiverBeat, a recreational hand-drumming cruise with world renowned drumming facilitators.


At the start of her career, Gina served in various corporate positions, including marketing director for international CPA firm KPMG and an award-winning architectural firm in Washington, DC. While in Washington, she was also advertising director for a civic promotions company that coordinated special events in the nation’s capital, such as the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Gina recruited celebrities, artists and politicians for these events.


She was also employed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce—reporting statewide on government policy, economics and tourism—and by Chiles Public Relations in Tallahassee, owned by the son of former Governor Lawton Chiles. Her clients included the Seminole Indian Tribe, TGV (French bullet train), and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elie Wiesel.


Gina graduated cum laude from Florida State University with a BS degree in communications and PR, completed graduate coursework in creative writing, and has been an adjunct lecturer at Chatham University’s MFA course in Creative Nonfiction.

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Conscious living is about the heart being perpetually aroused. The way to achieve this is by allowing the ordinary to open you over and over again, as if you're a rose that can't stop blooming. 
Gina Mazza
–  from "Everything Matters, Nothing Matters"
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Listen in as Gina speaks candidly about life's journey, from highs to lows, knowing yourself and viewing all experiences neutrally as part of your personal evolution, and so much more. Have a listen and feel the love!

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