Is your life not your own?

Don’t wait another day to step back, get real and joyfully reclaim who you are. If you feel overworked, under-inspired and lost amidst the umpteen demands of spouse, house, kids, kin or long hours at an unfulfilling job – with zero time for yourself, then Everything Matters, Nothing Matters is THE book to read. It will help you to reassess – once and for all – what’s essential and what’s not . . . as you rediscover the splendorous, creative woman that you are.

Written in elegant yet accessible prose that is vivid, honest and flushed with a sense of wonder, this book’s 7-step path applies to anyone who dares to stoke the fire of being fully alive. Follow its wisdom, and it will lead you to a gift beyond measure:

You will know who you are,
with the freedom to be it.
You will know what you want,
with the daring to go for it.

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Prepare to be changed forever. Gina's beautiful book will lead you to the place you desire, whether your goal is spiritual growth or just living fully. She illuminates the road ahead in a fresh, inspired, joyful way.
author of the COVR award-winning book, Spiritual Fitness

Question & Answer

Q. What is the meaning behind the book's title?

A. Everything Matters, Nothing Matters is a provocative life mantra for moving beyond what I call a “sepia-tone version of life” and into a more vivid, multicolored existence. With prismatic living, we are in gratitude for all things. Everything Matters – every dewdrop, every triumph and tragedy, every emotion, every living being. Even the profane is sacred. AND, at the same time, Nothing Matters because from the highest, most loving perspective, there really is no good or bad, right or wrong, us or them. Everything is a blessing. The beauty of this paradox is a simple blueprint for how to be “Alive” with a capital A.

Q. So the book discusses how everything is interconnected and the value of synchronicity in our lives?

A. Yes, it reveals how to connect the dots in your life and – beyond that – how to recognize when the dots are connecting themselves.

Q. How does the EMNM lifestyle apply to creativity?

A. For various reasons as we progress through life, our creative spirit can become shrouded, squelched, devalued, injured or ignored altogether. Forced to choose between our heart’s desires and everyday practicality, we often deny that creative part of ourselves or put it on a shelf to be tended to “some day.” Embracing the book’s 7-step path will enable you to uncloak your passionate nature. In time, you will become as prolific as you wish to be – in your art, in your heart, and in your life.

Q. What else will this process afford me?

A. Speaking from experience, I can say that it will give you a fresh, bold, fearless inner confidence. It will help you to dissolve resistances, release expectations, intend greatness and embrace immensity. In short, you will live larger, with more surety of purpose.

Q. What does the EMNM process of awakening consist of?

A. The book gently guides others through the 7 incremental steps: Intention, Daily Practice, Paying Attention, Turning Within, Working with a Mentor, Witnessing – and finally, Integration. Each concept alone is life-changing. Taken together, they are nothing short of transformational. By the time you have assimilated these seven concepts, your life will not look, feel or be the same.

Q. How do I begin?

A. One place to start is to work with the action items at the end of the book. They will serve to clear your creative channel and access realms of higher creativity, as well as lead you to a creative encounter with your life’s higher story. Good luck, have fun and know that you are loved.

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