Wendell August Forges Business Alchemy by Transforming Devastation into Success

Will Knecht speaks about the power of silver linings hidden in the ashes of adversity. As Will watched his 150-year-old family owned business’s flagship store and factory burn to the ground, destroying millions of dollars in equipment and materials, a sense of peace enveloped him. “It’s hard to explain because everything we had from a […]

B Corp Certification Validates Companies’ Triple-Bottom-Line Business Model

A profile of six Certified B Corporations. The B Corps movement is gaining a collective voice. About 1,200 companies have already become B Corp certified from 60-plus industries and 34 countries. (Recently, the first publicly traded company received certification.) As momentum gathers, their influence is becoming an increasingly powerful change agent—passing laws, driving capital, creating […]

Bad Santa: <h6>Mom worries about long-term effects of well-intentioned lie</h6>

This could be the year I finally confess to my children that I’ve been the co-conspirator of an elaborate, well-intentioned scheme to deceive them since birth. I fear being found out because it means the end of Christmas innocence for my daughter, 11, and son, 9. But I must come clean and tell them: There […]

Green is the New Black: <h6>eco-friendly clothing is on the upswing</h6>

When it comes to fashion, it’s quite possible that green is the new black. Not only is the manufacturing of eco-friendly clothing on the upswing, so is consumer interest in purchasing it. Yet with so many terms abounding—everything from certified organic, sustainable, Fair Trade and low-impact to local, ethical, artisanal and repurposed—it’s no wonder there’s […]