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“Writing [ and publishing ] isn't about making money, getting famous, getting laid or making friends. In the end, it's about enriching the lives of those who will read your work and enriching your own life, as well. It's about getting up, getting well and getting over. Getting happy, okay? Getting happy.”

— Stephen King




Publishing Consultant

“Publishing is | a very large word.”

  — Joyce Carol Oates

It’s true, so please know this up front: there is much more to publishing than just printing the book. Publishing is a sales force and a distribution machine within a carefully timed launch window. It’s publicity, platform, marketing, developing relationships with booksellers, book buyers and readers. It’s finding novel (pun intended) ways to make your book pop in the crowd of a quarter-million new titles published every year. It’s how you position and define yourself as an author. How current you stay with technology — which continues to evolve rapid-fire. And how willing you are to stay the course and nurture your book for the long-term.

Honestly, I am still learning and growing as an author — and hopefully always will be. There’s so much more to master and, along the way, I’m willing to share all that I know about this dandy world of authordom because collaborating with those who’ve walked the same road makes the journey seem less overwhelming, more joyful.

My publishing consulting is geared towards helping you do something with your excellent prose once it’s written and edited. I draw on 25 years of education and experience in advertising/branding, public/media relations, publishing, promotion, product positioning, special events planning, publications/book production, printing, graphic design, corporate communications and public speaking.

Among many other things related to that big word “publishing,” we can discuss:

  • Author agreements

  • How to position your book

  • Title and cover design considerations

  • Garnering endorsements

  • Avenues to promote yourself/your work

  • Book production and marketing budget considerations

  • The role of literary agents and whether you need one

  • Finding the right publisher for your project

  • Self-publishing vs. traditional book contract

Listen to this audio recording hosted by Pittsburgh Professional Women founder Beth Caldwell. I share details about the process for getting your book published, working with agents and publishers, and how to know whether you should self-publish or work with a traditional publishing house.

Gina’s Clients Speak:

“Gina served as editor for both of my books and her creative ideas have been absolutely invaluable. The editing made a substantially positive difference in both manuscripts. And she recommended a publisher for my second book; that publisher offered me a contract within days (which Gina also reviewed before I signed it). Our entire author-editor-publisher relationship has been a gratifying experience.” — Carole J. Obley,

Gina is an extraordinary literary guide. In working with her on my book from start to finish, she showed remarkable skill augmenting what I wrote while keeping respect for the heart of my intended message. The subject matter may have been largely unfamiliar to her but Gina was able—with her broad understanding of both language and the human psyche—to fine-tune my writings and offer suggestions for improving the work. Gina adds greatly to the overall effort without distorting the personal intimacy between the originating author and their desired expression.—Rick DiClemente, author of The Exquisite Zodiac

“Gina has been a great help. She edited my first book on holistic pet care and I benefited from her expert advice about syndicating my newspaper column on that same subject. Gina was indispensable while negotiating my second book deal; her advice upon reviewing the contract was right on the mark.” Dr. Doug Knueven, Beaver Animal Clinic

“Your research gave me a clear understanding of the cost and promotional commitments needed for both traditional and self-publishing. I feel more confident in making that choice now. I also have a better idea of the role writing/publishing will have in my long-term career goals.” Anne