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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

— AnaÏs Nin



“Let the beauty that we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

— Rumi



What do you want to do with your writing?

Create a legacy

Un-break a heart

Predicate hope

Conjure images of staggering beauty

Make love to others’ minds

Enlighten the unwashed

Affirm your talent

Wobble at the world’s mysteries

Challenge the status quo

Uplift the downtrodden

Inform the masses

Banish a psychosis

Inspire a child

Wax poetically

Become an eponym

Convey a slice of life

Entertain the culturally marooned

Thank God

Thank goddess

Do a little doublethink

Disabuse a rumor

Portray a slender moment

Forgive unexpectedly

Elicit a response

Drown in creative abandon

Satirize a human vice

Kibitz for a bit

Give peace a chance

Pray on paper



Creative Muse

imagine | unfold | clarify

Get intimate with your inner urge to blossom creatively. Let me help you imagine, unfold and clarify your words into forms and forums that accurately reflect who you are and what you want to share with the world.

  • Agonized by uncertainty or writer’s block?

  • Want to be aroused from your creative slumber?

  • Need a shot of inspiration to get started?

  • Jazzed about a topic you’d like to write on but don’t know where to begin?

  • Inundated with ideas and need guidance honing the best ones?

  • Feeling a sense of ennui with your writing? Looking for a lift to a more exalted and lovely creative space?

  • Need to develop successful lifestyle habits that support your writing goals?

  • Want a roadmap to get you through the entirety of your project? Perhaps an artistic hand to hold along the way?

Creativity Coaching
from concept | through co-creation | to self-revelation

Creativity coaching is my method for helping you arrive at that accurate reflection of who you are as a writer and what you want to achieve creatively. As your muse-on-standby, I gently guide you through the demi-steps and leaps of taking your idea(s) from brain candy to tangible reality. You’ll experience steady results because we will set goals around your desired outcomes, and your delight in the journey of getting there will be its own reward. The project can be anything in word form: a print or e-book, presentation, web/blog content, advertising/branding campaign, family history, pitch letter, magazine article, academic dissertation, you name it.

I will also support you in thinking through the all-important marketing aspects of your project:

  • What are your publishing goals?

  • Who is your audience?

  • Why is your message unique?

  • How will you promote it?

  • Should you obtain a literary agent?

  • Self-publish or seek a book contract?

As we work together and when appropriate, I blend my marketing, PR and publishing experience into the mix. See my Editor and Publishing Consultant pages for details on this.

I can also coach you around the big-picture aspects of your writing life:

  • Want to become a writer but don’t know how to break in the biz?

  • Wish to switch from day job to full-time writer but skittish about doing so?

  • Have a certain level of writing success and now want to notch it up?

  • Looking to broaden the scope or reach of your writing?

  • Need a strategy for breaking into niche writing?

  • What about the “business” of writing—the accounting, tax, legal and financial considerations?

If you already have a manuscript, book proposal or other piece of writing in the works and need a solid critique, revision assistance or top-shelf edit, jump over to my Editor page.

Ghostwriting | Co-Authorships

Do you believe in ghostwriters? You may not see them but they’re real. This apparition is a writer who pens a project under someone else’s name with their consent. They can create whole books out of vapor or, through some mysterious voodoo, transform a pile of gobbledygook into a polished manuscript. I am one such entity. Essentially, I write for hire in the shadows on behalf of my clients and they take all the publishing credit.

  • Have a story to tell but don’t want to write it?

  • Want to bring your idea to fruition but don’t have the time?

  • Looking to create brand exposure for your professional expertise through authorship but have no desire to actually write a book?

I accept a limited number of projects each year as either ghostwritten books or co-authorships (in which I share publishing credit with my fellow author). These are works in which I passionately believe in the message, integrity and salability of the author, and am drawn to collaborate with them on a level beyond editing and consulting. If you’d like to be considered for an assessment, I would be delighted to talk with you about your project. Begin by sending a synopsis and marketing pitch to me via email and I will be in touch.

Click here to view 2 books that I’ve co-authored.

Workshops | E-courses | and More

On an ongoing basis, I offer a membership program, e-courses and public workshops that present in-depth information about the art, craft, practice and business of writing. Each one consists of equal parts creative spark and writing/publishing industry smarts — and for good measure, a loving kick in the rear. You will end each workshop or course with a solid direction for your project and the enthusiasm to begin pronto.

In short, my goal as a writer and author is to encourage and support you in living your OWN dream as a writer or author.

Need immediate inspiration?

Fees for all projects are contingent on level of editing required, length of project and my involvement in the process.

Gina’s Clients Speak:

“Gina’s writing consult left me inspired, motivated and confident, and with my head spinning in thought. I woke up the next day determined to take productive writing steps. By 3 o’clock, I had the layout for my book figured out. In the next 30 hours, I had put 3,500 words on paper, including my chapter one, which set up the entire book. I doubt that I would have achieved these crucial first steps if I hadn’t crossed paths with Gina. — Sam Angelo, Vice President, Bethany Hospice

“Gina is both creative and logical—an intelligent writer, a wise mentor and an all-around pleasant person. She did a wonderful job of taking all my splintered comments and putting them in her creative blender. And her publishing expertise helped me find a home for my book. Gina seems to have a patent on some special magic dust that she sprinkles on everyone’s writing.” Roger Hall, founding partner, Porcupine Communications

“Working with Gina really cleared a path for me and just following through on the direction she gave me was so much fun. I mean, wow! She gave me exactly what I needed to move forward.” Amber

“Thank you, thank you! Our conversation crystallized several things. The ideas you shared really opened some mental doors and helped take off the self-imposed brakes. In fact, my book will be on Kindle in 72 hours!” Ronda

Gina has helped me become a more conscientious writer. Our teacher-student relationship enabled me to look deeply into myself and express my thoughts more clearly. Gina’s expertise, understanding and kindness served me tremendously as we worked together on my memoir. She helped me see that I am no longer the person I was when I wrote it. I have evolved . . . and for this, I thank you, Gina! — Deborah Ivanoff