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“Such big psychic and yogic muscles for such a tiny girl.”

— Eugene,
EMNM reader







“What a great spirit this author has. So beautiful. So much love.”

 — Jonathan,
EMNM reader






I find Gina to be insightful, philosophical in approach, spiritual in reasoning and a bright, strong, resilient woman who views the world with sincere, empathetic eyes. She creates an open, comfortable forum for interesting conversation.

 — Bobbie,
EMNM reader







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Everything Matter, Nothing Matters by Gina Mazzaz HillierEverything Matters, Nothing Matters: For Women Who Dare to Live With Exquisite Calm, Euphoric Creativity and Divine Clarity

Gina Mazza
St. Lynn’s Press, ISBN: 978-0-9767631-8-5

Is your life not your own? Don't wait another day to step back, get real and joyfully reclaim who you are. If you feel overworked, under-inspired and lost amidst the umpteen demands of spouse, house, kids, kin or long hours at an unfulfilling job – with zero time for yourself, then this is THE book to read. It will help you to reassess – once and for all – what's essential and what's you rediscover the splendorous being that you are.

Written in elegant yet accessible prose that is vivid, honest and flushed with a sense of wonder, this book's 7-step path applies to anyone who dares to stoke the fire of being fully alive. Follow its wisdom, and it will lead you to a gift beyond measure:

You will know who you are, with the freedom to be it.
You will know what you want, with the daring to go for it.

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Gina’s Readers Speak:

“Reading this book was like a freight train roaring into my life at the exact right time. The tragic loss I've experienced in the past few years suddenly makes sense. I am telling everyone I know about EMNM because I will not let such brilliance go unnoticed!” — Heidi, Pittsburgh

“Reading this book was life changing. It helped me to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life. Gina pours her heart and soul out, and does it with grace and love. There are no words to explain how grateful and thankful I am for Gina. She is my heroine!” — Kristeena

“I LOVE YOUR BOOK! It has been illuminating the way into deeper levels of connection. Your fresh way of writing and integrating experience with wisdom is both deeply inspirational and practical. Thank you for the courage it took to bring it into fruition. It is a beautiful piece of art and literature. I consider you one of my spiritual teachers.” — Jeanie, psychologist, St. Louis

“I am struck by your ability to see beyond the visible into the mysteries of the soul. Your words are a reminder to never discount my intuitive voice, the same voice that told me I should write you. I am quite enjoying reading these pages on this cold winter evening, cuddled up by the fire, inspired by your honesty and ability to write so beautifully of your life.” — Patricia, Maryland

“Your book traveled to Italy with me. It moved and continues to move me deeply. Reading your story has helped me see that it’s possible to live in the manmade world and spirit world in harmony, and not be afraid to go deeper.” — Rachael, Pittsburgh

“I start and end my day with a few pages from EMNM. I am wowed by the depth of your knowledge in so many areas. This book has my wheels spinning.” — Robert, Canada

“I'm reading EMNM for the bajillionth time! I return to it more than any book on this subject—for comfort, ideas, and because I find so hard to put into words what you do so well. At times I find myself riddled with doubt . . . not knowing what's real or what to trust. What you say about the only truth being inside yourself is comforting. Thanks for the inspiration.” — Evelyn, New York City

“I'm finding EMNM to be very nurturing. Your writings of dreams, the mind's eye and intuition have made me realize how much I've been ignoring my subconscious, and how important those inner feelings are. The text is so rich that I can only absorb sections at a time. I'm very appreciative that you’ve shared your wisdom.” — Ian, London, England

“I have found great solace in your book. I am so happy to finally be reading something that appreciates and honors balance in both the spiritual and the mundane.” — Randall, San Francisco

“EMNM had a profound impact on me. I could not put it down. The words spoke to me at a very deep level. Gina is a gutsy lady, with strong convictions to share with the world. I applaud her tremendous courage.” — Virginia, Washington, DC

“This book was so beautiful, I didn't want it to end.” — Cheryl, Ohio

“Reading EMNM was like having a powerful, loving hand in the dark. I took great comfort in every word.” — Tom, Arizona

“As a busy woman, working and raising a family, I find myself crazed. Yet, I slip into days where that all fades into the background and life swirls with excitement and synchronicity. This book gave me a clear understanding about how to blend these two worlds.” — Tamara, California

“My copy of EMNM is dog eared, underlined, highlighted and red tagged throughout. I return to it over and over again, like a dear friend.” —  Macy, Colorado

EMNM whispered many truths to my soul. Pure joy! I sipped each word slowly until they infused into my heart. EMNM is the fruit of a vigilant and inspired spirit. — Agnes, Maryland

“I heard you speak on New Dimensions Radio and it has been the gift to catalyze my next step. I was living ‘between miracles,’ feeling like my spirit was torn to shreds. Your book has been my healing mentor. — Carrie, California


“I loved our interview, Gina. You were so candid and filled with integrity and it showed.”

— Bonnie Coleen,
host of “Seeing Beyond,” San Francisco



“Thank you for being on Impact today. Your book is incredible! Simple, yet so profound! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and grace.”

—Darieth Chisolm,
news anchor for
WPXI Channel 11


Romancing the FutureRomancing the Future

Judy Julin with Gina Mazza
Findhorn Press, ISBN: 978-1-84409-129-4

In this wild romp of a memoir, Gina teams up with whimsical author Judy Julin. Readers cannot help but fall in love with Julin as she bares the details of her genuinely touching and often laugh-out-loud-funny adventures from the madness of a spontaneous spiritual awakening, to Hollywood via a psychiatric ward, marriage, bankruptcy and divorce — to her subsequent emergence as a fearless entrepreneur who created a new paradigm business model founded on spiritual principles.

The Highest and the BestThe Highest and The Best: A Gifted Healer's Vision of Third-Millennium Medicine and Humanity's Intuitive Evolution

Sallie Christensen with Gina Mazza
Xlibris Corp., ISBN: 978-0738841892

This book, published in 2000, was ahead of its time and continues to be relevant today. Speaking from the heart, intuitive healer Sallie Christensen shares through Gina how the healing/medical field will look in the future—which has indeed come to pass. She invites readers to explore the use of intuition as medicine that can be used — either by gifted healers or anyone interested in self-healing — to bring optimal wellness to the body, mind and spirit.

A valuable resource book that defines and explains many complementary therapies. — New Age Journal

Thought provoking, insightful and groundbreaking. Highly recommended reading for all students of alternative medicine and metaphysical philosophies. — Midwest Book Review